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Quadratic factoring falls into place in a fight against gravity to build the perfect rectangle!

Algebra Tile Factris provides a tactile, visual, and game-ified approach to factoring sure to strengthen any learner’s ability. Addictively challenging, students will be learning before they know it! So many students are visual learners, yet factoring is often presented to them as a set of mysterious rules and algorithms to blindly follow.

Download the game and play, it’s FREE!

Designed BY a math teacher FOR math teachers, Factris differentiates learning and assessment in a whole new way. With a Teacher Account (also free!), you can access, create and manage classes, view your students’ tracked achievements for quick assessment of their factoring strengths and weaknesses. Have students play on your Smart Board using the touch-screen buttons; play in a computer lab or on Windows cloud devices; have students download and play the game at home!

With leaderboards and personal achievement badges, Factris harnesses the competitive element of online gaming that keeps so many students up into the wee hours. Leaderboards can be narrowed by school board, school, class, modified date, etc. Tell students to play with headphones (they’re likely in their ears anyway!) to enjoy the game’s full soundtrack and sound effects.

Algebra Tile Factris is a Windows Desktop Application, requiring the .net framework. Download the game and try it to see if it runs smoothly on your machine! If you’re loving it, you can create a Solo Student Account or create a Teacher Account (follow the prompts at the end of the level-one demo) to unlock hours of factoring fun and unlimited levels!

Here is a handy guided student worksheet to introduce factoring with algebra tiles through discovery-based learning with Factris!
Guided Discovery of Quadratic Factoring (.pdf)

“Factris makes perfect!”

build a rectangle

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