- Update List -

Updates and Bug Fixes

(If a FIXED or UPLOADED appears after the bug or update, it has been addressed and the game file online has been updated.  Updates are in order from most to least recent.

LAST GAME FILE UPDATE:  12:07 pm Wednesday, May 5th

  1. Bug fixes.. likely caused by recent tweaks, but are now fixed!  (Issues with dodging the bomb, shoe, or heart are fixed, particularly for an unsuccessful build and game over situation.  The chalkboard would appear while a new level is beginning, the bomb explanation pop-up doesn’t crash the game anymore, the description of the Training Wheels badge now displays when the badge is earned) UPLOADED
  2. Changed time calculations to a more accurate method, and convert all local times to Eastern Standard Time for fairness of comparison on the leaderboard.  Sort options are also available on the website leaderboard too. UPLOADED
  3. Bug fix: the music failed to load when loading Level 8. “file in use”.  This has been fixed.. and you get a new song! UPLOADED
  4. Badge count displayed on the shield refreshes right after badges are earned. UPLOADED.
  5. Some Bug fixes: game crashed when bomb explodes while “unsuccessful build” is displaying, game crashed in practice zone sometimes when clicking on a tile (“convert string to integer” error), game crashed at unsuccessful build (“index out of bounds” error) UPLOADED
    Also, some design tweaks:  Game maintains center-screen position after logging in; the trophy button is larger and in line with the “next problem” button. Heart panel is moved to the right slightly to accommodate larger score displays.
  6. Correct answers in poor mathematical form now  receive a warning, rather than an incorrect.  Ex)  (2+x)(1+x) gets “Almost! Improve the form of your answer.” since it should be (x+2)(x+1).  Some more pop-up hints have also been added to make new users navigation smoother.  Practice Zone problem coefficients now reset back to smaller integer values when you change the level. UPLOADED
  7. Level 6 instructions mistake fixed. UPLOADED
  8. New look to the Gravity-Free Practice zone.  It opens in the same size and location as the main screen, and has a cool fade in and out.  Also, instructions on how to move the tiles appear below for improved clarity.  The right-click for zero pairs is now enabled for demo mode. UPLOADED
  9. Real-time game instructions that walk you through the controls on your first time playing the game, or in the demo mode. UPLOADED
  10. A new game intro page.  I’m open to a more catch descriptive phrase to go beneath the title! UPLOADED
  11. New helpful yellow lines help you read the dimensions of a rectangle! UPLOADED
  12. Improved login screen functionality and UI: you can “select all” by double clicking, right click will give you a “paste” option.  Direction are more clear for the forgotten password or username steps. UPLOADED