- FAQ -

Do I have to pay each year to have my student account balance topped up?
No! All account purchases are a one time only payment. Your student allowance is refreshed each year on the anniversary of your purchase. Note that any unused student activation codes count toward your topped-up balance.
How do I save my game?
Your progress is saved automatically at any important moment in the game: when you pass or fail a stage, when you update your info, when you capture a heart, etc. But… if you really want to feel sure, you can press Ctrl + S at any time and see the reassuring ‘save’ icon flash on the screen. Even if your internet connection cuts out your game is saved offline, and can be synced later when your reconnect!
Cheat codes!??
Yes, there are cheat codes. But before you get too excited, know that using the cheats stops your personal best score from updating, and prevents you from earning badges. This is to uphold the integrity of the leaderboard. There are lots of different cheat codes! Cheat codes may be a good way for you to learn and practice the game, or just have fun if you don’t care about the competitive aspect! If you want to start over clean, you are given this option when you get “game over”, or if you click the “Restart Game” option in the control panel. Here are all the codes…

Press Ctrl + Alt + M;, then enter one of the case-sensitive codes below:

  1. Level -Enter the level you want to jump to. The next new level will jump you there!
  2. Life -Tops up your lives to 12
  3. Retry-Allows you to retry infinitely when factoring
  4. Undo -Allows unlimited 'undo tiles'
  5. Gravity -The tiles don't fall automatically, you must use the down arrow to move them
  6. Shoe -Takes away the current shoe, and future shoes. (Cancels this setting if already disabled)
  7. Bomb -Takes away the current bomb, and future bomb. (Cancels this setting if already disabled)
  8. Order -Makes the tiles fall in a convenient order by degree
  9. Zeropair -Zeropairs are automatically given to you for all levels
How does a Teacher create Student Accounts?
Follow these steps (or watch this video)
1) Click the gear to open the control panel
2) Click on “Create Student Accounts”
3) Set the number of accounts you want to create
4) Assign these students to a class from the drop down list, or type a new class
5) Click “Create” and the temporary logins will be generated
6) Select with the mouse (or “Select All”) and “Copy to Clipboard”
7) Paste the logins in any word processor (Notepad is fine) for easy printing and distribution to your students.
How does a School create Teacher Accounts? Is there a limit?
Follow these steps (or watch this video)
1) Click the gear to open the control panel
2) Click “Manage Teacher Accounts”
3) Set the number of teachers you want to create, and the student allowance you wish to give them
4) Click the “+” button to create the activation codes / temporary logins
5) Select the logins and copy them the clipboard (click the clipboard)
6) Paste these into a word processor for easy printing, or email them to your teachers.

Creating a Teacher Account does not count against your student account balance directly, but you are required to allot a minimum of 1 student to each Teacher Account you create. So, the number of teachers you can add in a year is limited by your remaining student account balance.

Can a School create Student Accounts?
Not directly. If you have a School Account, you must create a Teacher Account and allot a student allowance to it, then Student Accounts can be created through the Teacher Account.